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Waitrose Launches Wonky Veg Range A little less than perfect’

17-02-2016 | Waitrose has this week joined rivals in launching a range misshapen seasonal vegetables. The new range, named ‘A little less than perfect’, offers grade two vegetables in larger value bags and will be available in 40 Waitrose branches ...

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Intermarché sells ‘ugly produce’ in a campaign against food waste

Forget the ugly fruit, meet the ugly fruit bowl! French supermarket introduces lumpy and misshapen fruit and vegetables – sold at a 30% discount – to combat food waste It is well known that we eat with our eyes as ...

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WRAP | Reducing Food Waste through Retail Supply Chain Collaboration

In December 2009 WRAP commissioned IGD to conduct a performance improvement programme with leading grocery retailers and their trading partners aimed at reducing food and drink waste in the supply chain. The programme was designed to support signatories to the ...

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TESCO’s appraoch on reducing food waste

step 1: Analysing our own operations The first step to long-term change is greater transparency. That is why we are publishing for the first time data on food waste within our own UK operations for a full financial year. KPMG ...

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Value deals and incentives proliferated during the downturn as consumers with shrinking budgets increasingly focused on finding deals. This includes “Buy one, get one free,” or BOGOF, offers. But encouraging consumers to get more than they need creates a huge amount ...

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Thornton’s Budgens | Zero food waste to landfill

Wasting food when people down the road are going hungry is just madness. Eliminating unnecessary food waste from retail doesn’t have to be a long term target – we can do it right here, right now. Andrew Thornton, owner of Thornton’s ...

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Waitrose | ‘Ugly’ apples prove that beauty is only skin deep

Our weather blemished apples were a great success, proving that British customers know that fruit and veg doesn’t need to be perfect-looking to be delicious. Beauty is only skin deep. Quentin Clark, Head of Ethical Sourcing and Sustainability, Waitrose From time-to-time, ...

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Woolworths targets zero food waste to landfill

Woolworths (Australia) has set the ambitious target of diverting all food waste from landfill by 2015. As Australia’s largest food retailer, this is a great target to work towards and will be achieved by: developing waste avoidance initiatives with suppliers ...

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