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FUSIONS Definitional Framework  for Food Waste

FUSIONS Definitional Framework for Food Waste

7-7-2014 | The overall aim of FUSIONS is to contribute significantly to the harmonization of food waste monitoring; feasibility of social innovative measures for optimized food use in the food supply chain and the development of a Common Food Waste Policy for EU28. FUSIONS focus is on resource efficiency and it is promoting food waste prevention by optimising food use and waste prevention strategies.

The absence of a framework for defining food waste to date has led to the production of datasets that are not always comparable or transparent as to which fractions are included. The FUSIONS Project will deliver the definitional choices for food waste, suggest standard quantitative methodologies for measuring food waste, develop a food waste quantification manual and estimate EU-28 food waste levels based on the following outcomes:

  • Report: “FUSIONS definitional framework for food waste” providing the main definitional choices for food and drink waste
  • Report: “Standard approach on quantitative techniques to be used to estimate food waste levels”, in progress, presents a selection of methods suitable for monitoring the resource flows leaving the food supply chain.
  • Report: “Food waste quantification manual to monitor food waste amounts and progression” will recommend how to practically measure and quantify all resource flows in different steps of the food supply chain focusing on EU28. It will provide a harmonized method for representative, effective and meaningful quantification of food waste.
  • Report: “Estimates of European food waste levels and analysis of food waste drivers” which will present an estimate of food waste amounts produced in EU28 by mapping existing datasets against this definitional framework . It will also provide input to the manual on what levels of quantification are feasible.

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