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Helping the consumer

Each year consumers throw away approximately 50 kilos of edible food per person. That is € 2.4 billion in total in the Netherlands. On the one hand, it is a pity to waste good food and money, on the other hand it is also harmful to the environment. Research has shown that consumers are responsible for the majority of food waste. Together we can help the consumer with ways to reduce this food waste.

Resources for consumers

  • De Bewaarwijzer | a useful leaflet about smart buying, cooking and storage of products
  • De Digitale Bewaarwijzer | an online tool to check the shelf life of products
  • De Slim koken App | an app with buying, cooking and storage tips and tasty, healthy and tailor-made recipes.
  • De Weggooitest | an online calculation model, to calculate the number of kilos of food waste
  • Het Eetmaatje | a tool to measure portion sizes of several food products such as rice and pasta.

The Netherlands Nutrition Centre (Voedingscentrum Nederland) is happy to help you with information and useful tips for your customers!

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