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Measuring & Monitoring

The measurement of wastage is essential in the reduction of food waste. This applies to anyone who is seriously getting involved in reducing food wastage. Indeed, measuring is knowledge. Insight into waste data is essential, to be able to set up targeted actions.

The Netherlands Nutrition Centre and the Milieu Centraal Foundation (a national, independent organisation that offers practical and reliable environmental information for consumers) offer help and information to consumers on the subject of food waste. To join efforts, a Foodbattle is being organised in 2014. During a period of three weeks, consumers will record daily how much food they throw away.  De FoodBattle will help with easy to use tips and tools. The results will be compared within the whole group. Foodbattle research has shown that participants will reduce their food wastage by 20 percent after a period of three weeks.

More and more entrepreneurs are discovering how much there is to be gained by tackling food wastage. It all begins with measuring. For your convenience, practical tips, best practices and useful tools can be found on this website. Under the section relevant research you can find an overview of research reports that have been carried out in your sector. On the website of Wageningen UR Food & Biobased Research you can find reports and publications. Wageningen UR Food & Biobased Research can also help you with questions about data and research.

Besides smarter and more efficient solutions in their own business operations, entrepreneurs can join forces to help the consumer to waste less food. This can be achieved by increasing awareness through information about shelf life and preservation of products, offering guidelines or clever packaging to enable a consumer to buy and prepare efficiently.

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