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Morrisons launches “Weigh What You Need” service to reduce food waste

23-05-2019 | Morrisons has launched a “We’ll Weigh What You Need” service nationwide at its fresh food counters to help customers buy exact food items in order to reduce food waste.

The initiative is the Big 4 grocer’s aim to cut down on food waste in customers’ homes as each household in the UK reportedly wastes £500 worth of food each year, according to the government’s Food Waste Champion’s findings.

As part of ‘We’ll Weigh What You Need”, Morrisons’ butchers, fishmongers and deli specialists will serve customers the exact amounts of food they require for a recipe.

Meanwhile, information on portion sizes will be written on counter labels for cuts of meat, fish, cheese, tapas and olives to help guide customers on how much of each ingredient is required.

Storage advice is also provided in stores so customers can stretch their household budgets.

In order to avoid plastic usage, customers can also bring their own containers for the ingredients.

Food waste is currently one of the biggest customer concerns, and just last week the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs found that the UK currently generates 10.2 million tonnes of food waste each year.

“Listening to customers has told us they want help at our fresh food counters, because they don’t know how much to buy, they want to reduce their food waste, or they want to reduce the cost of their food shop,” Morrisons director of market street operations Jayne Wall said.

“Our expert counter staff will help them buy exactly what they need, reducing their food waste bill and saving their pennies in the process.”

Source: Retailgazette

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